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The process begins with a client meeting to discuss the particulars of the project. From there, we are able to develop sketches, samples
and prototypes in styrofoam or wood to present to the client at the next meeting. We proceed when the client is assured that we've fully understood their vision.

After the project's design is determined, fabrication begins in our ateliers. The design and execution of the project is consistently
validated throughout the fabrication process to assure product quality and ensure timely delivery. If the project includes design
elements that require sculptors, gilders, metal workers, leather gainiers, lacquerers, etc., we engage and manage the supplemental
work of those suppliers.

We also organize shipping, delivery, and installation accordingly. Ideally, we prefer to do all installations from start-to-finish, but in
the event a client would like installation completed by a local professional, we can provide detailed plans and follow-up instructions
as needed.

If problems or questions arise after installation, we are available to remedy any clients concerns. If something's not right, we'll make
it so.

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